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Heat Cure Acrylic Soft liner

Acrosoft SL is based on methacrylic copolymers and is designed for permanent soft relining of removable dental prostheses. Thanks to specific properties, it adhers to prosthesis strangly  and all procedure of preparation and polishing are same as acrylic denture materials (Acropars 100).
1-  For patient with sensitive tissue.
2-  Atrophic reline ridges.
3-  For prosthesis dealing with deep under cuts of soft tissue. 

1-  Complete adhesion to all new and old dentures.  
2-  Enough resilient to keep normal chewing ability. 
3-  It can be polished easily.
4-  Acrosoft SL does not shrink.    


Technical characteristic
Required Obtained Unit Specification No
10-14 12 min Working time 1
30 30 Sec Curing time 2
2.5 ≥ P > 0.8 1.20
Softning factor